I now have 39/44 of my applications out.  It kind of blows my mind to think that I worked so hard to carefully craft 39 tailored cover letters and assemble the packets to send them out to the four corners of the country (if not the world, in one case).  I think my system made easy work of the process, which is one of many reasons I’m so glad to be an organized person.

An odd thing happened last week…I woke up to an e-mail from an institution to which I applied back in April, which then decided to roll over its job search to this year.  In the e-mail, they said, “Hey, we still have this position open, and we’re opening up a second position in…culinary psychology with a particular emphasis in cooking psychology who can also teach research methods.”  So, um, me.  Exactly.  I nearly did a spit-take with a mouthful of almond milk latte.  What made this particular e-mail even more interesting is that the person forgot about the :bcc function and sent out the e-mail to all of the candidates w/ their e-mail addresses visible.  I counted 53 total, which means that my chances have to be at least somewhat decent.  However, I did cringe that the person may have landed hirself in hot water by breaching candidate confidentiality so early in the game.

I also received my first rejection letter of the job search, from a small SLAC with a religious focus.  Not to knock them, but it wasn’t a devastating blow.  I figured that my background doesn’t really scream “religious SLAC,” and they’d be more interested in someone who is more focused on teaching and working with undergraduates.  The location was super sweet, but it’s doubtful that my quality of life would have been good, due to the astronomical cost of living.  I’m sure over the next few months these types of letters and e-mails will continue to roll in.  This year, I hope they are fewer in number and easier to stomach.

You know, I may come to eat my words, but being on the market a 2nd time isn’t as bad as I’d feared.  It helps to have some more experience under my belt, and a broader perspective than I had this time last year.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!