I woke up this morning to find that I had yet another paper accepted to another huge conference.  This particular conference will be in Montréal, so I’m pretty stoked! My vita has been building like crazy this year, and it makes me feel good to be productive.  Every now and then my Imposter Syndrome emerges, and I can usually quiet it down by reading my vita.  Whatever it takes, I guess…

My work on the letter of intent for a huge grant I’m applying for is going well, but I feel so totally lost.  I get frustrated because no one really tells you about the process, except to say trite things like “Don’t apply for grants just to apply. Make sure you have a project in mind.”  You don’t say, Sherlock! The first round only asks for a LOI, and you don’t have to provide things like a budget until round two, assuming I get that far.  I have no idea about how to draft a grant budget, what counts as overhead, etc.  I guess if I make it to the next level, I’ll consult with someone who can help me figure these things out.

Here’s hoping my good fortunes last until at least the end of my interviews!