I’m still feeling great about my upcoming campus visit.  I’m intensively preparing (i.e., reading cover-to-cover the text currently being used in the class that would be taught by the successful candidate), but it doesn’t feel like burdensome work.  I feel like every little thing I do puts me one step closer to escaping Sleepy Southern Town and landing what could be my dream job in our (my and Spouse’s) dream location.

The preliminary schedule seems awfully intense, as I arrive in Dream City at around lunch time and then meet with some administration higher-ups.  I presume there will be dinner and other social-type things that evening.  The next day is meetings, interviews, and my research presentation.  The third day (yes, THIRD) will be a few more meetings and my teaching presentation.  Spouse is flying out to be with me, and we’ll stay an extra 2 days to enjoy our time together.  One of his colleagues is generously giving him one of his free flights built up through credit card miles.  Amazing.

I know it seems odd to bring a partner out for a campus visit, but it seemed like the right thing to do.  First, I will not make it known that he has travelled with me, although I wouldn’t lie if asked or go out of my way to hide it.  Second, he has a friend out there who can keep him occupied while I am in the thick of the visit.  It may be the perfect balance of feeling useful (by actually being there for moral support) and occupied (visiting with an old friend) for both of us.  And third, I don’t sleep well without him, and I will definitely need my sleep those few nights!  He has agreed to have a glass of wine ready for me upon my return each evening, because he’s the absolute best. Ever.

On a totally unrelated note, in light of my recent adventures in plagiarism, I was most interested in this scandal out of UCF.  I salute this dude’s testicular fortitude.