I have a nibble on one of my applications.  I’ll say nothing else unless it turns into something more promising.  By this point last year, I had nothing but a single rejection letter, so I hope this bodes well for the rest of my search.  Fingers crossed for me, please?

Today I’m off to my culinary psychology conference, and am admittedly very excited about it!  My presentation is tomorrow, and I anticipate it will go well.  I’ll get to spend time with friends and fellow culinary psychologists, stay in a nice hotel (by myself!), eat at new and interesting places, and see what research people are doing.  This particular conference is dear to me because last year it was in Europe, and it was a turning point for me as a budding scholar in a lot of ways.  Also, it’s small and not plagued with bureaucracy and b.s. like Huge National Conference.

I would say something about the election, but…bleh…I can’t even summon words.  I’m not surprised in the least, but nonetheless disappointed.  People never learn…