Three really good things happened this week.  One, I found out that I had a proposal accepted to Huge National Conference.  In addition, it was accepted as a paper session rather than a poster or roundtable, which is a feat in itself.  Given that I know people who got rejected by HNC (respectable scholars in good t-t jobs, no less), I say I have something to be proud of.

The second good thing is that I finished writing the book chapter that occupied a good deal of my time this month.  My co-author and I played virtual ping-pong with the respective drafts over the past two weeks, and each time I volleyed it back to him, I saw substantial improvements.  The deadline isn’t until tomorrow, but getting it in a couple of days early eases my mind.

Third, I’m heading off to a culinary psychology conference next week, and my advisor has generously offered to help me defray some of my travel expenses.  Despite my protestations that I would be fine, he insisted.  It was a huge and very welcome surprise.  Now I’m actually looking forward to going, seeing people I see far too little of, and presenting my work.