Well, at least I’m not as lazy in my professional life as I am my blog life.  This week was pretty crazy with doing things that I’d not had time to do while working on the book chapter draft. I’m all the way up to Wave 5 on my job applications, my conference powerpoint is nearly done, and my class is still 3 weeks ahead.  Now that we’ll be discussing techniques that I actually use as a researcher, I’ll feel much better about the class.

My health really seems to be improving after a month on allergy and asthma treatments, more exercise, and healthier eating.  I finally managed to meet my weekly running goal, and I’ve found that I’m actually running a little faster than before.  My hope is that I can train for a February half-marathon, which would put me running about 11-19 miles a week, which I think is do-able.  Even if that doesn’t happen, I’d like to be increasing my mileage and taking a “run the whole thing” approach rather than the run-walk method I’ve been using.  It got me through a marathon, but now that I know I’ll never do one again, I’d rather just concentrate on running shorter distances faster.  My usual mile time is around 13 or 14 minutes, and I’d love to get it down to 11 or so.