How is it really mid-October already?  Only lately have I felt like I have half an idea of what I should be doing (and how to do it), and the semester is basically half over.  Staying only one week ahead of my students has been an experience I don’t ever, EVER want to replicate. I hit a groove yesterday and got my next three classes prepped, and started looking over material for the fourth.  Luckily, it seems to be downhill from here, as a lot of what I’ll cover will involve time in the computer lab running tests in SPSS and interpreting outputs rather than calculating a lot of stuff by hand.

I’m already to Wave 3 of my applications.  I’ve divided my job search into waves (neatly indicated on my very thorough spreadsheet), so as not to overwhelm myself with getting applications out.  This has been especially helpful for those Oct 1 and Nov 1 deadlines, as those alone represent about 1/3 of my entire search.  I have other clusters at Oct 15 and Nov 15, but it seems like everyone shoots for the first of the month.  This year’s search so far hasn’t been so bad because I have a much better idea of what I should do and a tighter system of organization.  The emotional effects aren’t as strong, either, because I have more knowledge and confidence than last year.  Now, if only printer ink didn’t cost so damned much (or run out so quickly).  I think ink, postage, and paper products are costing me in the neighborhood of $150 this time around, to say nothing of those pesky transcript fees.  Being unemployed is expensive!

In other good news, my first draft of the book chapter is done and off to my co-author to scrutinize.  It ended up being shorter than I’d anticipated, and I fear it’s not due to my newfound ability to write concisely.  Hopefully he’ll suggest some additions that will make our chapter less meager.

Up next: More job applications, preparing for a conference presentation, writing a grant proposal, and finishing my teaching duties for the semester.  I’m a lot of things, but bored isn’t one of them.