I have a feeling that within the next month or so, my life is going to be all kinds of hectic.  This is perhaps wishful thinking, but in the thick of things I’m sure I’ll say, “I wanted THIS?!”  Foremost on my list at the moment is getting this book chapter in at least polished draft form to show my co-author next week to have it ready to go in by the end of the month.  My progress has been steady, and I feel like I’m doing everything I should be.  Still, it feels slow.  I worked on it basically none this weekend, but was über-productive this week.  I figure putting in 3 more solid days of work will put me at the finish line.

The job search continues, of course.  About half of my applications are out, and since the deadline for many of them passed around 10 days ago, I may likely start hearing back as early as next week.  I’m going to assume if that I hear nothing by the middle of next month that I’m not a contender, but considering that the latest application isn’t due until mid-January, I’ll be hanging by a thread for a few months.  Can I stand this again?! Time will tell.

I got some pretty terrible news this weekend, but in the interest of privacy (theirs, not mine), I will not share.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear I was a walking curse.  Too many bad things are happening to people I know, and it seems to come in waves.  Yet here I am, whining about my job situation when others have it far, far worse.  I need perspective something fierce.