Nearly 1/3 of all my applications are out now, and I have hit my groove, more or less.  I have cover letter templates for all kinds of conditions (no research statement, no teaching statement, no teaching or research statement, both a teaching and research statement, research-intensive, teaching-intensive), my supplemental materials are polished to a high shine, and I continue to build my vita. I’m presenting at a conference in a few weeks, a book chapter is due at the end of the month, and the job search is in full swing.  Life isn’t too bad.  I imagine that I’ll begin hearing back from some applications as early as the end of the month, but we’ll see.

Last weekend, the Spouse and I went to Vegas for Matador at 21.  The whole weekend was epic, but overwhelming.  I slept about 12 hours Friday night-Monday afternoon, and I’m definitely one of those “give me my 8 hours or I will cut you” kind of people.  We saw some amazing sets, but my absolute favorites were: Belle and Sebastian, The New Pornographers, Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, Chavez, and The Clean.  A recap of the weekend is here.

I was going to gripe about some stuff, but meh, I’m in a good mood.  The weather is cooling off, I’m productive, and there’s a lot of good stuff going on.