A few months ago, during my Italian excursion, my advisor e-mailed me about a potential publication opportunity.  Some editors of a handbook contacted him about authoring a chapter on culinary psychology, and he wanted to not only co-author it with me, but also list me as first author.  He didn’t hear back from them for a long time, so he e-mailed them again, and after finagling a bit, managed to make this happen.  Our chapter is due at the end of October, and I’m hard at work getting that prepared.  It’s a huge thrill for me to get not only another publication, but a book chapter at that.  I was so grateful to him for advocating for me to make this happen.

Also, I’m up for nomination for my institution’s dissertation award.  I had to do a brief write-up describing my dissertation and what it contributed, and those materials are due later next week.  I should hear something around January.  That, too, would be a huge boost for my job hunt (and my somewhat battered ego).

Finally, my department chair agreed to be a reference for me for this year’s job search, since one of my references wasn’t really stellar (he made me write my own letter of recommendation).  As a courtesy, he gave me copies of all of the letters he sent, and they are amazing.  He even accessed my student evals from last year to glean particular quotes to provide more evidence for my teaching abilities.

Things like this really help me to see that there are a lot of good people out there and that I’m not alone in the job search process.  While no one wants me to get a job more than I do, there are obviously people who are on my side, cheering me on however they can.