The other night, I had a request for a practice test.  In a graduate-level class. Say what?

When your Freckles was but a wee undergrad, she never once received one of these gems.  Forget grad school.  If I was nervous about a test, I studied and asked the professor clarifying questions about concepts I didn’t understand.  Big exams got flashcards, but I made those all by my lonesome, fueled only by 3×5″ cards, Sharpie markers, and gumption.  I never once believed that it was my professor’s responsibility to prepare me for a test.  This does not seem to be the case anymore.   This mentality pervaded my undergrad classes last year, but I never imagined that graduate students felt this way, too!

Am I crazy here?  I shan’t reveal my age (old enough to know better is all you need to know), but I’m not that old.  I can’t believe that things really changed that much over the time I entered college and now.  Did any of you get practice tests in graduate school?  If so, in what types of classes?