My first 6 applications of this job season have been submitted.  I feel like my materials are so much more impressive than last year’s, and it was actually a little exciting hitting “Send” or dropping the envelopes with the mail clerk.  Maybe I’m too confident at this stage of the game, but I feel like *something* has to pan out for me this year, and so the waiting game I play will be “Where will I work?” rather than “Is anyone even going to hire me?”  Time will tell.

One of the above mentioned applications required official copies of my graduate transcript.  First of all, what the hell?  I can understand the need to see one if the person is ABD, but for those of us with a Ph.D. in hand, it seems stupid.  Second of all, I resent having to shell out $10 (yes, $10) to have a transcript sent to a job that might not even grant me a phone interview.  How about asking for an unofficial copy at first and then getting something more official should things accelerate?  Most job seekers can’t afford to continually shell out $10 a pop for some ridiculous requirement, to say nothing of the money we spend on paper products, ink, and postage.  I’ve never calculated what my job search has cost me, but I think I’d rather remain in a state of ignorance of that particular matter.