As the school year starts up for me, I feel more hopeful about my prospects. My job isn’t a long-term solution, but it’s not bad. I have good students, I’m teaching an interesting class, and I have plenty going on professionally and personally to keep me occupied. To be honest, I’m really lucky, despite my disappointments and setbacks.

My new office space is pretty awesome, even if it’s not really mine. It feels a bit weird to see a tons of books that aren’t mine on the shelf and pictures of perfectly attractive children and grandchildren staring at me. At least this person has good taste and keeps a tidy office.

I’m neck-deep in Huge National Conference proposal reviews, and I read some real winners today. Imagine you were writing a proposal titled, “The Eating Habits of Fat Purple People Eaters.” Your abstract mentions various things about the eating habits of fat purple people eaters. Then your proposal (poorly written, I might add) mentions absolutely nothing about fatness, being fat, how fatness influences eating habits or intersects with being purple. That gets a big fat REJECT. I have fewer than 10 left, and that will certainly be a huge weight off my shoulders.