Tonight was the first meeting of my class.  It was a bit of a surreal experience to be in a room in front of a bunch of grad students and realize that I was teaching them.  The class is the introduction most all students in the College of Education have to take statistics, and in many cases may be the only stats class they ever have.  My hope is that at the end of my class, they realize that statistics are actually kind of fun and useful, not scary.  I like stats and know a thing or two about them, but this did not come so easily, so in many ways I’m the perfect person to teach this class.

Even though I have far fewer responsibilities than I’ve had in years, my to-do list is starting to swell. In the next week or so, I have to

  • finish all of the proposal reviews for Huge National Conference.  I will NEVER agree to review for two divisions.  I’m reading 15 full-length proposals, some of which make me want to drink myself blind.
  • prep for the next couple classes  (this will be much easier once my copy of the textbook arrives…grr)
  • figure out where the hell my office space actually is
  • finish my dossier materials to begin Job Search 2: Quest for Academic Gold (hereafter: JS2)
  • do the final edits on yet another article that I’m sending off for review (I sent one off last week)
  • figure out how long I plan to stay at Sub-Specialty Conference (early Nov.) and get all the arrangements done for that
  • do some other piddly non-academic things that really needed to be done a couple of years ago

Underemployed, my ass.  I’m fully employed, just horribly underpaid.