I’ve been insanely productive over the past couple of weeks.  I sent out one more conference paper proposal, sent out one of my manuscripts to a journal for publication, got all but my office hours info down on my syllabus, and did some work on the website for my advisor.  Later this week, I’m helping out with a teaching workshop for new graduate assistants.  It’s hard to believe that I’m doing so much for no pay.  I’ll consider it an investment, with hopes that all of this pays off in the form of a job.

Postings are already popping up on the Chronicle, so I’m working on my revamped cover letter, teaching philosophy, and research plans to get those out next month.  The idea that I’ll be job hunting for at least 21 months kind of blows my mind.  No matter how many times I read others’ accounts of the process or heard that the market was tough, I had no way of preparing myself for this.  It so easily becomes all-consuming, although this time should be easier because I at least have some experience with writing cover letters, etc. I also have a better idea of what kind of job I want (and don’t want), so I won’t be sending out applications indiscriminately until something sticks.  The trick will be to not limit myself too much, as I am apt to do.  It just seems so pointless to send a dossier to a school that I positively know will not hire me, but I almost have to do it in principle.  Now I just work like crazy to keep what little bit of pride I have left.

In other news, I got tired of my hair and chopped it off.  There goes my Locks of Love 101 in 1001 goal.  The truth is, my hair simply will not grow that long and look presentable.  At first I felt bad, but now I feel liberated.  Long, thick hair is most unpleasant in 100+ degree heat! I will find other ways of helping people in need that don’t involve unrealistic expectations for my hair.