I realize that I am a woman of a certain number of years (25+ x is all you need to know), but that did not stop me from pulling the “And it IS my birthday” card whilst on the phone with the CSR from Delta.  Ah, and I’m already ahead of myself.

Picture the scene:  The morning of my birthday (or, as a rather clever e-card says, “The anniversary of the day you were expelled from your mother’s uterus”), we wake up at the painfully early hour of 4 AM to catch a 7:30 AM flight.  When I emerged from the shower, and was greeted by the spouse saying, “Our flight’s been cancelled and they rebooked us on a flight tomorrow.  I’m getting on the phone with them to get us on a flight today.”  Needless to say, this was not how I would want to start my birthday (or any other day, for that matter).

After some time, we managed to get our flight completely re-routed.  Instead of leaving Birmingham at 7:30, we got on a flight that left Atlanta (3.5 hours by car) at 12:16.  We packed up, headed out, and made the long drive in plenty of time to check our bags and get on our flight.

At a bit before noon, we realized that they had not even begun boarding, and there was no aircraft at our gate.  When the gate agent called, she got the most surprising news that our flight had been cancelled.  Yes, we drove nearly 4 hours to catch a flight that got cancelled.  Immediately, Spouse got in line at the Help Desk, and I got on the phone to Customer Service so that we could run parallel processes.  By the time Spouse got to the desk, I’d managed to get both of us on the 5:15 flight to Chicago, even though my first call was answered by a most belligerent and unhelpful CSR.  This meant, sadly, that we were unable to take the architectural tour for which we’d bought tickets, but at least we’d make it in for dinner!  We enjoyed drinks and conversation at the airport bar while we waited for our flight.  It looked like things were improving, and we ended up just laughing about it.  We used our most generous (roll eyes) $6 meal vouchers for coffee and pastries.  You can barely buy a bottled soda for $6, so how on earth do they expect stranded travelers to get reasonable sustenance on such an amount?!

Sadly, this story isn’t yet done.  Our flight didn’t even begin boarding until after 5:20, and then we sat on the runway for a good while, setting us back by about another hour.  By the time we arrived in Chicago, it was already 7:00, and we still had to at least get into the city.  Our reservations were cancelled, and we ended up at another restaurant (albeit a good one).

Needless to say, upon arriving home, I sent Delta a rather stern and detailed e-mail requesting compensation for our troubles and inconveniences.  Thus far, I have yet to receive a response, but I will post an update when/if I do.  I have experienced a total of three cancelled flights on Delta in as many weeks, and especially since I have Medallion status, I feel as if I’m entitled to something that will compel me to keep flying with them.