It often seems that the bigger the conference, the more depressing I find it.  This year, thankfully, Huge National Conference violated this assumption in a big way.  One contributing factor is that this year, I stuck close to the people whose interests closely match mine, and so it was so much less alienating than last year’s experience.

I went to interesting sessions every single day that I was there, and met dozens of people who really inspired and stimulated me.  There were a sufficient number of familiar, friendly faces to keep me from feeling too lonely, but the new people I met were so cool.

My presentations went well, and led to a number of very interesting conversations and possibilities for future collaboration.  Definitely not a bad thing!  I also really enjoyed Denver, since there is a lot to do and see (and eat) there.

Now I get to look forward to graduation, our trip, and whatever I end up doing for work.  That last part (or at least, the ambiguity surrounding it) really doesn’t bother me anymore.  I’m going to continue what I’m doing and hope for the best, knowing that it really could be worse.