Less than 24 hours after I found out that I landed a phone interview at one of my top choices, I received another e-mail asking me if I could move my interview from Monday the 15th to, uh, today.

After no small amount of debate and anxiety, I replied yes. I had about 23 hours to prepare, since the interview was scheduled for 4:30.

I was nervous, but the interview went well. I prepared for basically every single question that all the academic career resources said to prepare for. Oddly enough, most of the questions they asked weren’t ones that I had specifically prepared for, but the work I put in to prepare for the anticipated questions set me up to respond to the questions very well. The job sounds even better than I’d imagined, and the committee did a great job of talking up the university, its students, and the surrounding area. This is one opportunity that I don’t want to miss.

They said that they’d make a decision by the end of next week about who they’ll bring in for a face-to-face interview and a job talk later this month. Now, I just wait and hope.