Still no follow-up from the aforementioned job nibble. If I hear anything, it will likely come next week, so until then I’ll just wait. I’d say the worst part about the academic job search process is the waiting. You meticulously prepare your application dossiers, you send off your materials, and then you wait, sometimes for months, without knowing anything. In the mean time, you realize how little control you truly have over the process, and long-buried insecurities emerge out of nowhere. I told the spouse that it kind of feels like being in middle school all over again, because you know you’re being judged and people might not like you (read: not hire you) for reasons that really have nothing to do with you. This is certainly not an undertaking for the weak and sensitive. However, if I come out with a job and my sanity intact, I’ll consider this a character-building experience.

My study has received nearly 70 responses, so I got my data ready for a preliminary analysis for the conference proposal. I’m actually quite impressed that so many people took it so soon. I’m hoping that I can have something together by about the 19th or 20th.  Maybe if I can get a sufficient sample by the end of March (say around 100-150) I can go ahead and start drafting an article. Before that, I need to get my dissertation ready to submit to the graduate school and also prepare my conference papers for the April conference.  It absolutely slays me that people think that after the defense you can just sit around with your feet up, since I “don’t have anything left to do.” I wish that were true!