Well, I did it…I completed the 2010 Disney Marathon, and within the time frame to get a medal! The race was on the morning of January 10 (bright and early, too). We woke up at 3:00, boarded the bus at 4, and waited around from 4:30 until 6 in about 17-20 degree weather-that’s Fahrenheit, folks-until our wave started.  The first few miles were very cold, but by the time we got to Epcot at mile 5, I’d warmed up to a sufficiently comfortable level. Miles 5-20 really weren’t too bad. Twenty, predictably, was difficult, and the last few miles were kind of unpleasant because my joints were achy and my toenails were starting to rebel. Pain aside, we ran across the finish line, only to have Mickey trot over and step on my left toe! I’ve been hobbling around since then, although my muscles and joints seem to have mostly recovered. I shudder whenever I look at my toes, but I know things will grow back and heal with time.

I wasn’t the fastest out there, but I still feel great about my accomplishment, given the amount of time and effort I dedicated to training. It was exciting to pass the 18 mile mark and realize that I had never run that far in my life, yet I was still going strong. By mile 23, I knew that absolutely nothing was going to keep me from finishing.

I’m thinking of doing at least one half-marathon this year, perhaps more, in order to keep up the momentum I’ve developed. By now, 13.1 miles really doesn’t seem like a whole lot, and I feel like with those I can start running with time goals in mind. I’ll probably never be a winner, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try.