I’m wrapping up week 2 of being sick, with a moderate amount of improvement. The Cipro has done weird things to mah belly, and I still have an insane amount of postnasal drip, which makes for unpleasant mornings. Using the sinus rinse has helped a bit, although sometimes I feel like I can’t get the solution all the way through. A blockage or some swelling, perhaps? I had some structural issues w/ my sinuses a decade ago (enlarged turbinates and an obstructed ostium) but I think that it was all permenantly fixed with my surgery.

I’ve found another couple of jobs, one of which excites me to no end given its location. I’ve got another 5 or so applications that I’m sending out this week and weekend, and then I’ll knock out the remainder over Thanksgiving break. Between that, writing up 2 finals, working on some articles and conference presentations, wrapping up my dissertation revisions (more on that in a sec) and prepping for my Asian excursion, methinks I’ll be a tad overwhelmed!

I received my advisor’s comments on my first draft and they were overall very positive. The changes he suggested shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to implement, and then I’m shooting it back his way mid-week for him to have at least one more chance to suggest changes before I send it to committee. My plan now is to send it to them around Thanksgiving, with a request for a list of potential days and times in late January that work for them. Then upon return from the holidays, I’ll e-mail them individually to ask about any particular issues that they want me to address pre-defense, so that the whole defense runs smoothly. One of my committee members thought it was a great idea and expressed appreciation that I was giving them plenty of time to read and think it over. If anything, I need to keep them happy!

Today, despite my ickiness, I taught 2 really good classes. The material covered in the 2nd half of the semester is much more my speed, and I think that translates into more exciting classes. Of course, there’s also the fact that I have more experience than I did at the beginning, and there’s something to be said for that. I feel so much more comfortable in the classroom, and even though I don’t want to have a teaching-intensive (as opposed to research-intensive) job, I really don’t mind that aspect so much. I’m really looking forward to next semester when I’m teaching material that I’ve covered before and I have a whole semester (3 classes) of experience under my belt!