On Friday, I submitted my first two job applications. I am officially “on the market” now. And thus begins the waiting game, the tortured months of ambiguity, the sleepless nights. One of these jobs is (for now) my #1 pick, given the strength of the department, the resources they have, and the location. The other position is far from my top pick, but seems to be a good fit in a lot of ways. I’ve done a lot of thinking over the past few months, and even though I really love teaching, I know that I don’t want to end up in a place where my primary focus is teaching, and that has really shaped my search. Also, I promised the spouse I wouldn’t move us to some God-forsaken pit on the prairie where the closest city of any size is a four hour drive away, not only for his benefit, but also for my sanity and well-being. The next 12 applications will all be submitted in a flurry over the next six to eight weeks, and then I wait. That’s the worst part, at least for me. A few are long shots, a few are possibilities, and a few really excite me.

In the meantime, I’m also faithfully slaving away at my final chapters, and it seems to be going well, so far. I have about 2 pages done for both chapter 4 and 5, and I have a good outline for the rest of 4. I still feel like there are some changes to be made in the first 3 chapters, but for now I’m letting the words spew out. I have 2 months’ worth of revising to do before my committee will ever see it, anyways.

Teaching duties are also taking a lot out of me. I have two tests coming up soon that have to be written (and then, of course, graded), and I need to have at least something on paper by Monday afternoon to show my supervisor. This will have to happen somewhere between running 9 miles and getting some more writing done tomorrow. No rest for the wicked!