IMG_1651Things I have accomplished/crossed off the list:

  1. Learn to drive the scooter up the driveway
  2. Paint my house
  3. Complete an entire crossword puzzle
  4. Trim all of the bushes around the house back to their 2005 sizes
  5. Recycle all of my glass waste

I’ve crossed 26 out of the 101 things so far. I need to pick up the pace a bit, I think, although a few things will be eliminated together. Also, I wonder if some of the goals are a bit vague and difficult to quantify. This list could almost be a “What Not To Do” for my once-a-semester “Teaching Hope” lecture, and I’m kind of not sure what to think. I may modify some of the goals to be a bit clearer and more relevant.

In general, I feel my life falling into place more and more. Things that used to scare me no longer bother me, and I’m much more apt to say “Yes” to things rather than decline out of fear of the unknown. So many opportunities have come my way recently, and I feel so incredibly blessed. Life, despite its stresses and uncertainties, is good.