It’s hot, boys and girls. Really hot. On the upside, it makes me wake up earlier. The downside is…well, pretty much everything else. I pretty much nullify the freshening benefits of my daily shower walking the 5 minutes from my car to the office. Growing my hair seems less and less like a good idea, so I’ve been rocking the ponytail/bun/messy up-do in the interest of staying cool and not chopping my hair out of frustration. My runs are scheduled for early in the morning or late evening, but either way they are most sweaty and exhausting.

Speaking of, I’m beginning to see subtle changes in my physique, and it’s certainly reinforcing. I took my 2nd picture a couple of days ago and noticed that I had some definition around my collarbone that was not there before. Little things. I’ve yet to skip a single run, but I can’t take all of the credit. My running buddies are awesome and they keep me motivated and accountable, which is exactly what I need.

There was some drama with my data earlier this week (shocking, I know), but it all seems to be resolved now. I ended up chopping out about 50 people, but in the end, it’s no huge loss because that data was kind of junk anyways. I stayed in the office from 11am-9pm on Tuesday and I honestly thought I was going to lose my mind. An early start on Wednesday after some sleep helped me to be much more productive and on-task, and I managed to fix everything by about 10AM. My findings now are consistent with what they were before, which is good, but this time I know that they’re with reliable and valid data. Interestingly, I’m actually losing fewer people this way than before when my reliability checks were eliminating people at twice the normal rate. Kids, don’t use other peoples’ data!