My data so far doesn’t look all that earth-shattering. The expected relationships are there, but my experimental conditions don’t seem to show any significant differences. This is both good and bad; good in that it challenges a theory put forward by a big name person in my field, but bad because it’s so much less interesting. I’m going to do a litlte more tweaking today, talk to my advisor about it, and then finish writing up my presentation so that I’m not putting in a frantic 11th-hour effort whilst flying over the Atlantic. I’m actually looking forward to the conference aspect of this trip and not just the chance to hang out in Europe for a week in July. This is one of the last few conferences I’ll attend before (I hope) entering academia, and I want to get the most of it.

I took advantage of the new lower price on refurb 8gb iPhones, and so far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed mine. I’m trying not to go too app-happy, but it is nice to have useful information right at your fingertips pretty much wherever you go. The real test will be what kind of reception and sound quality I get, because one of my main reasons for upgrading was that my previous phone was kind of a piece, and I felt compelled to fling it into the nearest body of water a few times when I had to repeat the same word four times over or when half of what the other person said was incomprehensible.

My marathon training is going well despite the intense heat and humidity characteristic of Alabama summers. I’m just surprised that it took this long to get so infernal. As long as I run before 9 or after 7, I’m OK, but I’m not above running indoors if it gets any hotter. The training method I’m using is called the Galloway method, and it involves two easy runs (~30 minutes) and one long run (starts at 4 and builds up by 1 mile each subsequent week) per week, which fits nicely into my schedule. Another unique aspect of this method is that you have a specific run-walk ratio tailored to your fitness level, so that you never overexert yourself. Now I’m walking 1 minute for every minute that I run, and I alternate running and walking throughout the sessions. I never really feel like I’m going too hard on myself, but I know that my endurance has increased substantially. Next month I’ll actually register for the marathon so that I feel a sense of obligation to continue training (otherwise I’ll lose the $125), but so far I feel like this is something that I can stick with. As long as I can avoid injury, I see myself succeeding.