The dresser is now residing in our guest room, thanks to the generosity of two friends who came over to help us get it out of the car. It was not easy. I’ve pretty much promised the spouse that I will no longer accept things from my mom that don’t fit into my purse. I understand why she always wants to send me home with things (to feel like she’s taking care of me), but given that we’re trying to reduce our possessions, it doesn’t really help.

This week has been kind of a bust, academically. I’ve been toying with my data a bit, but not in any substantial way. I found some interesting correlations, and in one case found absolutely no correlation when there should have been at least a weak but significant one. One thing that really pisses me off is that the reliability checks on one of my measures weeded out 24% of my sample. To put it in perspective, the usual elimination rate is about 11%. This signals that 24% of the people who took the survey were either 1) stupid 2) lazy or 3) both. It just makes me mad that people who were getting course credit for this couldn’t have bothered to actually follow directions and pay attention. I’m hoping that the remaining data is high quality, but I’m not holding my breath. One big relief is that one of the main hypotheses of my study seems to be holding up, but in unexpected ways. The next few weeks will be fun!

In other big news, we are in the process of selling our house. We have a signed purchase agreement, but nothing is certain until the appraisal and the inspection happen. If everything does work, then we will be out of here around the first week of August and we’ll rent a place here until we move off for good next May. It’s hard to leave this house, but if it means that we aren’t frantically trying to offload the house in the midst of packing, changing jobs, and moving to another state, then I’m OK with it.