+ I just found out that I won a $1000 grant to attend the conference this summer. If at least one of my other leads for funding pans out, I will have plenty of money for this trip. I’m breathing a HUGE sigh of relief at this news.

+ Awesome long holiday weekend in NOLA that involved amazing food, great live music, a friend’s wedding, and lots of hanging out. Living there would be so awesome, if both of us could find jobs. When we start our search this fall, I’ll definitely keep an eye on the academic market there.

+ My recovery is pretty much complete. Over the weekend I felt my pain levels decrease dramatically and I was actually able to move and walk around. My follow-up appointment this morning was positive and I’m finally cleared to do whatever the hell I want. I celebrated by taking a hot pomegranate bubble bath.

+ A preliminary look at my data today was promising. There are some interesting findings, some of them unexpected. I should have plenty to talk about at my conference in July, for conferences this academic year, and in my dissertation.

– One of my committee members lost my Ph.D.  candidacy form. If he doesn’t find it, I’ll have to collect all the signatures all over again.

-Our toilet will not stop running, and it’s driving me batshit crazy. I’m usually able to fix it with a few small adjustments, but this time, no dice. Ugh.

-My mother sent me home with a nice wicker chest of drawers. I helped her load it into the car, but now we can’t get it out of the car. I am PISSED. We’ve given up for today, but if we can’t get it out, I don’t know what in the hell I’m going to do.