I was bored out of my mind for the first half of today. Then I decided that I had too much to do to be bored, so I got to work on such important things as my symposium paper, getting a few more articles for my diss, and generally figuring out what I’m going to do over the next few weeks. After reading my notes from my defense and looking at some articles, I’m realizing that one of my committee members is (perhaps unwittingly) steering me to the very conclusion I’m arguing against. No me gusta! I’m reading the articles this person mentioned at my proposal defense so that I can say say, “Yes, but…” at my final defense without sounding like an utter moron.

This week and next, I plan on getting my candidacy paperwork finished, writing my symposium paper, and finish up on the last of my funding requests so that I can spend June doing nothing but conference prep and data analysis. My trip is really drawing close and I haven’t yet done anything of substance in preparation. I’m not panicking, but I am ready to crack down and get to work.