I’m officially tired of feeling sore, swollen, and drugged. The first 2 days weren’t so bad, because I still had some anesthesia circulating in my system to keep me knocked out, not to mention the large amounts of Lortab I consumed to keep the pain at bay. I started weaning myself off the Lortab yesterday, which meant I actually felt some real pain. I still have a belly full of air, which feels as bad as it looks. My plan for the weekend is to force myself to start doing things (no lifting) in hopes that I will feel better by Monday or Tuesday.

I’ve been trying to plan out a few conference abstracts that I need to get ready this summer, but it’s significantly more difficult under the influence of narcotics. I also have a 1000-word paper based on my symposium presentation from a few weeks ago due on May 29, and I haven’t really started it yet. Maybe that will be my first task on Monday, assuming I feel up to it. I also need to follow up on some funding requests I put out for my conference trip to see if I’m getting any damn money.

It will be so nice to feel better and be productive. For now, I’ll just enjoy the break.