Everything went pretty well yesterday. As usual, mere seconds after they administered the sedative in my IV line, I totally passed out and have only the fuzziest of memories from the recover room. I do remember sucking down copious amounts of liquids and eating crackers, getting dressed, and then sleeping in the car for the 1 hour drive home. I’ve kept up a nice buzz with the Lortab, and I’ve had a heating pad on my abdomen and chest all day, and it really helps. During a laparoscopy, they have to fill your abdomen w/ CO2 to make it easier to move around in there, and it take a few days to get rid of the gas. In some ways, it’s probably the worst part of it. I could barely get myself upright this morning, and doing anything but sitting upright or lying completely flat gives me a lot of pain. They were kind enough to give me some sort of anti-nausea patch and some Zofran, so I’m hoping this time around I won’t be puking to the point of dry heaves.

I’m thinking I’ll go back to work Monday and get cracking on my data, or do some other projects looming over my head like getting some ideas down on paper for two different collaborators, writing up a paper for publication, finishing the last of my funding requests for my upcoming conference, or finish filing my candidacy form. For now, I’m just taking it very, very easy. The work will still be there when I get back.