I’ve started cleaning up my data so that I can get to the analysis right away after I recover from surgery. Yep, I finally got scheduled for Tuesday the 12th at 10:30. Thoughts, prayers, and/or good vibes would be appreciated then and in the days afterward. I have no idea how things will go, and all I remember from last time is waking up, getting home, throwing up for days, and being in a good bit of pain.  Hopefully this time around will be a little kinder. Either way, I’ll be happy to not be in constant pain and to not have to take any of those crazy-ass shots anymore.

But back to the data. My own data was pretty good, but some of my data came from other people’s research (just one particular scale) because I didn’t want any kind of practice effects if people took the scale again in my study. However, when I went to download their data, it was all kinds of weird. One person’s would only download in .csv format, and I had no clue how to make it into an .xls file to import into SPSS. The other person’s came out looking weird. As it turns out, only the first person’s was actually messed up, and the weirdness from the other person’s data was my fault (I downloaded the wrong style of data…ooops). I feel kind of bad telling my advisor that both sets of data were effed up when it was really only one person’s, and I particularly feel bad because the wrongly accused is actually a friend of mine. But no worries…he kindly helped me get everything straightened out, and I worked all day Thursday and Friday on getting things organized, imported into SPSS, and compute scale scores for all but one of my measures. If I could everything but the one measure done before I leave, I can hand it over to my advisor to score the last measure (it’s a proprietary scale, but he is authorized to score it). Then, when I get back the following week I can really dig down and get all my analysis done by the end of May. Until then, I’ll be praying for good data.