1. Send my Grandma more letters and cards
  2. Give at least $10/month to a cause I really believe in
  3. Get an Epi-Pen so that I don’t freak out whenever a bee flies near me
  4. Craft a “for-real” resume

I’ve eliminated a few more items on my 101 in 1001 list. In one case, sadly, the goal has been eliminated for me. However, I committed to give $10/ month to public radio, I got an EpiPen this Friday, and I’ve created my resume for my end-of-year program review. If anything, I feel like this list has pushed me to do things that I otherwise wouldn’t do or would put off indefinitely. A couple of things on the list may be obviated if we are able to sell our house this summer (looking pretty likely), but for now, they’re still there.

My proposal defense presentation is mostly finished, and my symposium stuff is ready to go. After this week, things will be fairly easy for me until I start data analysis after my surgery (which is still unscheduled, by the way…not happy about that at ALL), then I’ll be pretty busy until I get back from my conference in July, and then I’ll need to write up my last two chapters. I don’t see myself finishing those until at least Labor Day. Then I can defend maybe around Thanksgiving or Finals Week, which means a May graduation (and that’s OK). I also have a million conference proposals to think about and write, so I’ll definitely have plenty to do between now and next year.