Warning: I’m about to hardcore whine about some shit.

I was invited to give a lecture in a class earlier this week. For purposes of anonymity, let’s just say that this was a lecture on bread baking. To extend the metaphor, let’s also assume that my area of research interest is pie making. These two areas are similar in some ways, but mostly very different. I was still able to develop a kick-ass lecture on bread baking, complete with handouts and PowerPoint, so no worries. I know way more about bread baking than the instructor of the class, hence the reason for my invitation.

I arrived in class on time and completely prepared. I started my lecture, and the instructor of the class couldn’t seem to just listen. It seemed like every time I made a point on some issue, Instructor would ask some sort of rhetorical question or comment about something that I would be addressing in the VERY NEXT slide. I mean, fuck, really? If the instructor wanted to teach it, I’d have made that happen. The first two times, I smiled generously and said, “You know, that’s coming right up!” After that, I just gave up. I saw a few sympathetic looks from students…well, at least the ones whose noses weren’t buried in their Crackberries or iPhones. That’s a post for another day. Overall, it was a very unpleasant experience.