My Spring Break officially started at 12:00 pm on Friday, and so far it’s been pretty fantastic! I had my hair did on Friday afternoon, which always puts me in a good mood (no doubt the wine contributes to this). My intention is to grow my hair out to just above my waist and then donate about 12″ of it to Locks of Love, so as my hair grows, it’s harder to keep my hair looking cute. I like my hairstylist because she does an awesome job and is a great conversationalist. Most of my previous experiences with salons involved me making really boring, superficial conversation, just for politeness’s sake, but my current stylist and I always have pretty interesting and substantial conversations. I also like the fact that she doesn’t force a cloud of hairspray on me, since I’m not much into having goop in my hair.

Saturday involved a drive to Atlanta to go shopping for various necessities (and non-necessities) at the farmer’s market and at IKEA It literally rained for our entire trip, which put a damper on things, but it was a fun trip. Before the trip, I contacted an old friend from high school to see if he’d be interested in joining us for lunch. After a nice lunch of tapas and sangria, he ended up hanging out with us all day, which was a lot of fun.  I have associated with very, very few of my high school classmates, but it usually makes for a good time.

Today we decided to start tackling a few more house projects, so we drove to Lowe’s for caulking materials (for the shower and sink) and lighting fixtures for the bathroom. Now, I’m terrified of messing with electricity, probably excessively so. I’ll change a lightbulb, but when the job involves wires, I bow out. But after reading some tips on electrical work, and deciding that it didn’t look too difficult, we decided to switch out our ugly-ass fluorescent fixtures for sleek halogen track fixtures. However, we’ve since discovered that our drill needed to be charged, so the task is on hold until it’s fully charged. I’ve already patched the holes from where the fixtures screwed into the wall, and put the old fixtures down by the curb for the trash collectors. (Sleepy Southern Town has awesome trash service…you can throw damn near anything down by the curb, and once a week a truck comes by to collect it. Air conditioners, toilets, furniture, you name it! I’m particularly a fan of our waste collectors since we got curbside recycling.)

We also bought a new stove, which will be delivered on Tuesday morning. Our current stove isn’t bad (i.e., it works), but we’d like to be able to emphasize to potential buyers that our kitchen contains all new appliances. Plus, it’s kind of ugly and busted looking, particularly since I took a crowbar to the warming drawer to remove all of our bakeware after the drawer jammed. The drawer is no longer used, and the front kind of bows out where I made a gap for me to slip my arm in to grab the cookie sheets. The most frustrating aspect of the stove is that no matter how thoroughly I clean it, it looks disgusting and worn. It’s going to be so awesome to have a nice looking stove with a larger capacity oven (5.3 cubic feet!!!) and a smooth top cooking surface. I’m probably a little more excited about this than I should be.

Another project for this week is to replace the curtains and hardware in the front living room. The existing curtains are likely as old as the house, and just look really dated. The hardware is also kind of tacky (hello, brass), so we bought nice wooden curtain rods with wrought iron hardware, and modern-looking sheer curtains from IKEA.

Once all of these projects are completed, I’ll post some before and after photos. These changes will likely do a lot (especially the lighting) to update the look of our house. I also have to do a good bit of revision writing on my proposal after receiving my advisor’s comments on Thursday afternoon. He had very positive things to say overall, but gave me some pointers to make my writing clearer and more cohesive. I baked some cookies on Wednesday and brought him a couple dozen to thank him for taking time out on a Saturday (when his son was in town, no less) to come watch my presentation. I realize I’ll never be able to repay him for all he does for me, but it doesn’t hurt to try.