I spent most of Wednesday night and all day Thursday (literally…like 8 am-10 pm) proofreading the hell out of my proposal. While lying in bed, I read every single word, sentence, and paragraph out loud, and if I didn’t like something, I changed it. I got rid of a lot of superfluous phrasing, and even a few unnecessary sentences, chopping about a page and a half total over three chapters. I caught a few (surprisingly few) typos and some grammatical awkwardness, but overall, it was a good draft. Now it’s in the hands of my advisor, waiting to be ripped to shreds. Maybe I should be nervous about that, but I genuinely want to know what he thinks. I did my best, and that has to count for something, right? This weekend I am going to relax, recover, and do anything but work on my dissertation. It’s a nice feeling!

Every year my university hosts an on-campus conference for grad students to present their research in order to get some dry runs before presenting at a conference. I signed up to give a 30 minute presentation based on what I’ll be presenting this summer. Now I find out that I have to consolidate my presentation into 15 minutes, which includes time for Q&A. Um, right. I guess I’m just going to make this more of a theoretical presentation and to hell with trying to scrape together a prelimnary analysis for a discussion of results. My advisor said he’d come listen to the presentation, but I’m going to tell him not to bother. For 15 minutes, I’d almost consider not doing it at all, but I signed up to do it, and I feel like I need practice talking in front of people in an academic setting, so I’m going through with it. Sigh.