Kill me now, please.

My nose is swollen and red, my face is puffy…hell, my brain is puffy. I am still sick. Like, really sick. I have had a fever for nearly 3 days now, I’m coughing and sneezing constantly, my nose runs like a leaky faucet, and I feel like the truck that ran over me put it in reverse and came back for more.

I’m trying to finish my damn proposal by Wednesday, but I can barely string together two coherent sentences. Not to mention that my drugs kept me up the better part of last night, so I’m drugged, sick, and sleep-deprived. I write so well like that.

I haven’t really been eating because 1) that would entail hauling my sick ass out of bed and 2) very few things sound good. I want either a baked potato or a sandwich from Jimmy John’s, but neither of those things are in my house now, so I’m eating graham crackers and listening to my stomach make weird noises instead.