Y hallo thar…. /lolcatspeak. I haven’t really been blogging too regularly lately, but you can hardly blame me.

This is where shit gets intense, y’all. I have 3 chapters due by (my self-imposed deadline of) February 19. I have written a whopping 4 pages. On Chapter One, no less. Chapters One and Three shouldn’t be too bad, but Chapter Two should be a nightmare. And I haven’t even started on it. That alone is enough to make a sister want to hit the sauce.

Then there’s the whole “my work situation sucks donkey nuts for quarters” situation. My work day Wednesday ended with me calling up the spouse and spewing forth a stream of obscenities that would offend even the most grizzled sailor. I think I even surprised myself, reflecting on it later. Any twinges of guilt I felt for leaving this job at the end of the semester have long since been snuffed out. For the next 105 days, I will be gritting my teeth until it passes for a smile. And then I will leave a wiser and more cynical person. No job is perfect, but this job just plain sucks.

There’s also something going on in my family that I am currently not at liberty to discuss, but I will say that it has been devastating for me. I nearly broke down during a meeting with my advisor (great form!) yesterday when I told him what was going on. Unfortunately, it was the first time I said what was happening, and that was a powerful moment for me. A bit too powerful, as it turns out. I spent most of Thursday either nearly in tears or locked in the bathroom sobbing.

On Wednesday, I laughingly said, “I don’t see how tomorrow could get any worse.” I don’t dare ask what comes next. Chances are that I just might find out.