In order to start things off on a positive note, I will admit to having finished my Netherlands conference proposal today. I sent it off to my advisor, and he’ll probably suggest some edits next week when we meet, but the worst is behind me. Nothing like dropping a few hundred bucks on a flight to motivate you to get something done!

Now, I will gripe.

1. It’s really cold here. I wouldn’t mind having a streak of cold weather if it didn’t mean that in 5 months I’d be enduring weeks of 90+ temperatures with a generous helping of hair-curling humidity.

2. My boss is really getting on my nerves. I’m tired of not being trusted. I’m tired of picking up the pieces after someone else drops the ball. I’m really fucking tired of attending 2 hour meetings that should really only last about 20 minutes. I despise inefficiency, and I don’t appreciate having my time wasted. I console myself with the thought that I will no longer be putting up with this shit in a few months. Otherwise I would have to kill somebody.

3. My face is breaking out again, and it appears that my hair is falling out. Hawt.