Things really seem to be falling into place for me lately. Normally, I would just chalk it up to good luck, but then again, luck favors the prepared, darling. I’ve really worked my ass off for the last few years in order to get to where I am (and where I’m going), and it’s nice to see some progress. One of the profs in my department edits a journal and needs a a few more articles to round out an issue coming out later this year. He asked my advisor if he knew of anyone working on something that could go in the journal, and he mentioned something that I’m working on for a conference in April. So now I’m killing two bird with one stone by writing one paper that will serve as both a pub (never a bad thing) and a conference paper.

The Netherlands thing is definitely a go. Now I really have the impetus I need to finish up that proposal this week and submit it by the end of the month. I may use the same proposal for my graduate school’s research and thesis conference, just so I can get a dry run on it before taking it on the road. I’m also struggling to find a flight that isn’t going to break the bank. Flying to Europe in the summer is hella expensive!

This year should be good for me. If I do everything right, I’ll have two conference presentations (one international), at least one publication, and a completed dissertation by the end of the year. Incredible.