This trip was entirely too much fun! Some highlights…

On our first night in NOLA, we saw some absolutely faced girl fling a bottle at a bartender (because she thought he hadn’t brought her friend his drink). He looked at her and said, “Get the F*CK out of my bar.” However, in her inebriated state, she had no idea what he was saying, and stared at him with glazed eyes. He had to physically pick her up and throw her out the door. Good times! The bartender said he’d never had that happen to him in his 28 years of bartending in New Orleans. Pretty crazy stuff.

On our first full day, I had what could only have been an allergic reaction. My eye started watering uncontrollably, it was as red as it has ever been, and it hurt like hell. In desperation, I grabbed an empty pill bottle from my purse, filled it with water, and put my contact lens from the offending eye in the bottle. I walked around the NOMA with one contact in, my sunglasses on (because light and movement overwhelmed me), and the spouse leading me around. I know that everyone thought he was bringing a blind woman to the art museum. I eventually got to the point where my eye would tolerate the lens, but for most of the trip, my eyes just weren’t right. Not to mention my runny nose, sore throat, and cough. Aside from that, I managed to have a good time.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Bayona and it was beyond amazing. Because I’m a vegetarian, I got some special accommodations, and these proved to be even better than any meat dishes. The courses:

  • Potato latkes with horseradish sour cream and watercress salad
  • Warm goat cheese bouchon with lentils, roasted beets, and arugula.
  • Moroccan vegetable tagine with dilled yogurt, pita, and harissa-coated chickpeas
  • Cardamon-buttermilk tart with candied kumquats

It was just as amazing as it sounds! I was so incredibly full afterward, and passed out in a 3 hour food coma. That’s living the good life. Overall, our dining experiences in NOLA were nothing short of amazing. My clothes don’t fit anymore, but I’d almost say that it was worth it.

If I could score a job in New Orleans, I’d be there in a heartbeat. As a new academic, I’m not sure how feasible this is, nor do I know if anyone, anywhere is really going to want to hire me. I’ll assume nothing until I have an offer in hand.

The day before we left for vacation, I submitted my prospectus to the committee. I will most likely be defending it sometime on Monday or Wednesday of next week. In the meantime, I have a 9 question essay final due a week from now. This next week will be frantic and hellacious, but then I’ll have a few weeks off, so I can survive. One day at a time.