I put up with the rain

My advisor returned my 2nd draft of my prospectus to me yesterday morning. A week isn’t bad turnaround at all, given that he was gone for about 3 days at a conference, and then (from what I gathered) came back to a shit-ton of work. We reviewed the draft together and he said that it was basically ready to send to my committee, save for a few small edits that I will take care of this weekend. Fingers crossed for an exam week defense (and a successful one, at that)!

I also need to start thinking about my paper for the conference. It’s not due until mid March, but I need to do a good bit of analysis and writing. I feel kind of bad that I just let that data sit dormant after I completed that study, but I had comps, then data collection, then prospectus writing, so there just wasn’t time. Now that I have time and a good reason to actually use the data, I don’t feel like I wasted my time and effort.

It looks like things are going to go down like this:

December ’08: defend prospectus

January ’09: write proposal; start working on old data

February: write conference paper; write proposal

March: finish conference paper; continue writing proposal, maybe have a first draft done?

April: present paper; write proposal

May: defend proposal; take at least a week off for surgery/recovery

June-August: finish writing dissertation, start looking for work

September/October: defend said dissertation; look for work

December: Graduate

Jan ’10-May ’10: Interview for jobs; prepare to move the hell out of here

In non-academic news, I just learned this morning that my dear cat Pitter died yesterday. The news hit me pretty hard. Pitter was the most loyal cat I think I’ve ever known, and I hadn’t seen him in a while (he lived with my dad). In less than 2 years I’ve lost 3 cats and a dog. People may say that pets are just animals, but why does it hurt so damn bad when they leave?

Requiescat in pace, kitty kitty.