Although last night was exciting enough on its face value, it’s also worth mentioning that I finished collecting data last night at the stroke of midnight. It was an incredibly liberating experience to click “Close.” I was getting requests for links up until about 9, and then they petered out, only to pick back up again the next morning, and I took no small joy in saying, “Sorry, you missed the deadline! Survey is closed.” I was aiming for 250-300 responses, and I got somewhere in the neighborhood of 325.

Now that it’s over, I get to just sit on it for awhile. I can’t really play with the data until after I defend my prospectus, just to keep things on the up and up. I will likely finish editing my first draft (making suggested changes) by the end of the week, unless I take a turn for the worse. I’ve been feeling icky since Monday, and today has been pretty rough. I’m feverish, achy, headach-y, congested, and I have a hella sore throat. I’ll probably go to the doctor tomorrow if things don’t improve. I should be celebrating and relaxing, but instead I’m sitting at home zoning in front of the tv, breathing heavily out of my mouth. Hot.