Alabama Muscadine grapes. Yum!!!

This weekend, like all others, will be spent working. Last night, while watching the debate with friends, I finished creating all 8 of my surveys (yes, eight) to post them online. Why 8, you ask? Well, part of my sample will be students taking a class in my department, and every year, they take one of the scales that is a part of my research. But most of the people whom I hope to recruit as participants have not taken this scale before, or at least I don’t have access to their scores if they have. To complicate things, I’ve set up four experimental conditions to test the influence of one of my variables on the other variables in the study, so I need to create four separate surveys that contain the scale in question, and then four that do not.

I’m also working on recruiting participants. Until I hear back from IRB, I won’t know what sorts of procedures I can use or what types of incentives I can offer, if any. My hope is that they’ll let me use a raffle to help lure in victims…er, participants, but with the wacky gambling laws in my state, there’s no telling if this will fly. I’d rather not have to offer each participant some token amount of money, since that’s cash coming out of the pocket of yours truly. That would kind of suck, but it would suck even more to not have adequate participation in my dissertation data collection. So far I’m thinking that I’ll have at least 250 participants, which isn’t bad, but I’m hoping for a group of about 400-500.

I’ve got half a page written on my prospectus. It’s not much, but it’s a start. If I write between 1-2 pages per day, I’ll be finished in less than two weeks’ time. Then I can spend my fall break preparing for my defense and painting the den.