Despite all of the stress, I still realize that I have a lot to be thankful for. Thus…

1. The smell of cinnamon. When I smell cinnamon, I think of Fall. The Publix right next to the University has cinnamon brooms for sale alongside some potted fall-ish flowers, and walking into the store, I linger just a bit to smell the lovely warmth. I am going to break down and buy one soon. They’re just too yummy-smelling not to.

2. The husband. Sure, sometimes he frustrates me and is a “distraction,” but I know that I can’t imagine being without him, and I know that I wouldn’t be able to get through all of this without his help. He puts up with a lot for the sake of being with me, and though I don’t do a stellar job of showing it, I really am grateful for him. (And, since he reads this blog: I love you, babe!)

3. Life itself. One of the teachers at the school where I’ve been working died last week at the far-too-young age of 39. I always looked forward to running into her and talking to her, because I felt that she was one of those teachers who really loved what she did and gave it her all, despite all of the daily frustrations teachers face. She was such a sunny, positive, and encouraging person, and her students will certainly miss her. Also, she left behind a young daughter, who will also never be able to fill that gap in her life. A tragedy on many levels.

None of us knows how many days we’ve been given, but if you have them, use them for all they’re worth.