When/if I ever get a teaching job, I’m going to devote an entire class to “How to talk about your dissertation to complete strangers at parties without sounding like a boring, pedantic sack of shit.” Seriously. They don’t teach you that stuff in grad school, and boy, do you ever need to know how to do that! I am having to work up my “elevator pitch” so when someone at a party asks “So, um, what’s your dissertation on?” I don’t bore them to death or sound like the geek I really am.

Last night I was going to just hang out and do some work while the spouse was out carousing with his boys, but then I got roped into coming out with them, and then hosting people for snacks and coffee until about 1:30 in the morning. I woke up around 7:15 and got cracking, but still didn’t accomplish as much I wanted. I’m so tired, and as granny as it is, I am going to bed like right now. I don’t have anywhere to be until about 1:00, so hopefully I can get a full night’s rest and restore some equilibrium up in this bitch.