So far, I’ve crossed out 5 of the 101 things I’ve set out to do by May 2011.

  1. Learn to make good chai (I keep my own special blend of chai spice in the cabinet now.)
  2. Organize my file boxes (So cleansing…I ended up recycling over a ream’s worth of paper!! I had so many duplicates of articles and articles that, frankly, I know I will never read again.)
  3. Organize my old photos. I held on to a lot of photos that I really don’t even know why I kept them. In some cases they were duplicates, or they were just pictures of nothing. Whatever. They’re gone now!
  4. Compile a list of my top 100 movies. This was a hell of a lot of fun.
  5. Compile a list of my top 100 albums. This was way too damn hard. I should have done the top 100 songs. Oh, well.