A rundown of the time I’ve devoted to my so-called 10 hour assistantship this week:

Sunday: 4 hours
Monday: 4 hours
Tuesday: 6 hours
Wednesday: 5 hours
Thursday: 2 hours
Friday: 4 hours

Now, if my addition skills are what they should be, I’m figuring that I just spent 25 hours devoted to my job. Keep in mind I have another 10 hour/week job, a class, and my dissertation. Oh, and a husband and a dog and a cat who probably appreciate some occasional attention.

Here’s how I see my workweeks stacking up:

Mentoring gig: 25 hours
Lab gig: 10 hours
Class: 6 hours
Dissertation: 15-25 hours

I’m pulling 56-66 hour workweeks. 38% of my every waking moments are spent working somehow. 33% of my life is spent sleeping, assuming I can get 8 hours of sleep a night (and that’s a big IF these days). The remaining 29% gets sucked up cleaning house, showering, eating, traveling to one job or another, and (if I’m lucky) spending some QT with friends and loved ones. I realize many people have similarly heavy workloads, but I feel like I’m being pulled in a million directions at once, and it feels twice as hard as it is. I can’t wait for next month’s Fall Break.

To hell with “life-work balance!” And to think I couldn’t figure out why I was irritable, exhausted, spacey, and unable to sleep. Duh. I’m surprised I even remember to eat anymore. Maybe I should put it in my Google Calendar.