As luck would have it, my sign in sheet (and pens) were kindly set aside by the school librarian and I was able to collect them yesterday afternoon. I wrote “SIGN IN SHEETS” on my hand in order to not forget them yet again, and my little reminder was effective, albeit a big smudged by the end of the day. No more insomnia for me!

Another stroke of luck was also that I had two teachers out this week, and they both happened to be from the same grade, so I was able to feel a little bit of continuity, hence be an effective teacher. Everything is slowly starting to fall into place, which will make my job (and my life) so much easier.

I had a productive and somewhat entertaining meeting w/ my dissertation chair today. I basically need to have my entire scale up and running by this time next week, so this weekend will definitely be busy. Luckily I have no plans, so I’ll just work through the weekend. Sigh. People who work a set amount of hours and don’t take their work home with them have no idea how lucky they are.

My chair and I were discussing the election and when we started talking about Palin, he said, “Listening to her talk drives me to drink.”