Finish my dissertation
Get my Ph.D.
Get a job I enjoy
Move to Chicago (or other cool big city)
Run a 10K
Run a half-marathon
Run a marathon
Learn to drive the scooter up the driveway
Paint my house
Take a road trip to the Northeast or Canada (or both!)
Learn to knit
Get at least 3 scholarly publications (co-authorships and my dissertation count)
Read at least 5 new books every year for pleasure
Learn web design stuff so that my blog is totally awesome and so that I can eventually have my own site.
Learn to sew so that I can make my own clothes (and not rely on crappy, mass-produced clothes that were never intended to be worn by people built like me)
Finish learning that Chopin ballade I started 4 years ago
Read 100 Years of Solitude
Read Love in the Time of Cholera
Eat at Chez Panisse
Learn how to make really good chai
Go an entire month without eating any commercially prepared food
Visit at least one member of my family every month for a year
Develop the ability to do 100 consecutive push-ups
Develop the ability to do 100 consecutive ab crunches
Ride my bike in to work at least once a week for 6 months
Take a trip to Portland
Take a trip to Austin
Go to significant Alabama landmarks I’ve never visited
Watch one new movie every week (By “new,” I mean a movie I’ve never seen before) for a year.
Read Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style and apply it to my writing
Eliminate all high fructose corn syrup from my diet
Take some sort of class to learn something I’ve never done before (painting, pottery, etc.)
Frame all of the artwork I’ve accumulated that hasn’t been framed
Get re-certified in CPR
Do something for the benefit of a stranger anonymously at least once a week.
Walk my dog at least once a week
Go to the podiatrist about my feet
Buy only cruelty-free grooming products
Buy only environmentally-sound cleaning products
Make a conscious effort to avoid supporting companies that engage in overtly unfair business practices (i.e., WalMart)
Send my Granny more letters and cards
Send my Grandma more letters and cards
Call/e-mail my Nana more
Have family members over to the house for a party
Invite my friends over at least three times a year for a party of some sort
Eliminate toxic people from my life (as much as is possible)
Learn to deal with annoying people without losing my temper
Go one day a week without using any swear words
Give at least $10/month to a cause I really believe in
Pay off my MacBook
Get an Epi-Pen so that I don’t freak out whenever a bee flies near me
Send out cards over the holidays
Go see an opera
Go see a symphony orchestra play
Print out my best vacation photos and display them around the house
Craft a “for-real” resume
Complete an entire crossword puzzle
Complete an entire sudoku puzzle
Attend a major league baseball game
Find an awesome pair of “professional” shoes in both brown and black
Find a really great briefcase/laptop bag
Trim all of the bushes around the house back to their 2005 sizes
Do more yoga
Learn a different type of yoga
Invest in a good quality scootering jacket
Visit the Unclaimed Baggage store in Scottsboro
Take pictures of Scott playing with Brubeck
Beat all of the levels on MarioKart
Attend a shape-note hymn singing
Avoid patronizing chain stores for an entire month
Organize all of my old photos
Clean out my file boxes
Finish collecting all of Dave Brubeck’s records
Boost my FICO score to above 750
Recycle all of my glass waste
Recycle at least 75% of my aluminum waste
Recycle at least 75% of my paper waste
Avoid using plastics whenever possible
When it’s not possible, use recyclable plastics
Recycle 90% of my plastic waste
Reprint all of my photographs from Egypt and put them in an album
Visit every building on campus at least once
Tailgate on the Quad
Eat at Highlands
Grow hair long enough to donate to Locks of Love
Take a picture every day for a year
Create a list of my Top 100 movies
Create a list of my Top 100 songs or albums (whichever is easier)
Stop consuming foods that are mostly chemicals (junk food and sodas)
Take and pass a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course.
Have a brunch party
Have a sleepover party
Figure out vegetarian adaptations for things I liked as a kid and cook them
Eat at Commander’s Palace
Eat at Herbsaint
Find a pair of glasses that I actually like to wear
Go see a movie at the Alabama Theater
Go see a movie at the Capri Theatre
See a play at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival
Develop proficiency in SPSS
Treat myself to an entire day at a spa
And that, my friends, is my list of 101 goals for myself. I’ll update periodically as I begin to cross things off the list.