+ We had an awesome trip to Chicago! The weather was beautiful, we ate unbelievable food, saw lots of awesome things, and we’re so psyched about moving there! On a side trip to Hyde Park to visit our host’s mom, we got to see Obama’s house. Squeeeeeeee! It was a biiiig (but tasteful) house in a beautiful neighborhood. Very fitting for a future president. I also saw Louis Farrakhan’s “complex.” His house is so freaking beautiful. It looks like a mosque, and even the houses for his bodyguards are quite nice. It’s bizarre to think about famous people living in otherwise normal neighborhoods. That’s big city living for you, I guess.

-/+ We drove there and back, and the drive at times was really sucky. Lots of construction, and some crazy-azz detours around Gary, IN that nearly got us horribly lost. Gary is basically the asshole of the world. If you’ve been there, you can vouch. Industrial wasteland as far as the eye can see in any direction. It made me quite sad.

+ We stopped at a really good Indian restaurant in Indianapolis, of all places. There was this gigantic Indian grocery, jewelry store, and clothing shop in the same building. Sure beats eating Taco Bell.

+ We saw WALL-E the other night and it was fantastic! Scott was only lukewarm about it, but I found it both substantial and entertaining. I heart Pixar. If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it!

+/- I came back to a 2 day work week this week, a regular week next week, and then a 3 day work week the following week (and my birthday). Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to have a job, but when I don’t have students coming in for weeks at a time, it’s hard to motivate myself to come in. I can do nothing at home (and save gas), y’know? We still don’t have digital equipment, and it’s embarrassing as hell to have to explain to people who come in that we use cassette tapes and we don’t use digital pedals or voice recorders. Party like it’s 1979! Grrrrr…

+ 13 days until our beach trip with our friends Sarah and Eric (and Eric’s brother)!!!

+ We’re going to NOLA for Thanksgiving with at least 2 other couples. This may turn into some hugetrip, if we get some more of our Chicago friends on board. We could have at least 4 more people! We’ve all just had enough of holiday related family drama.